Selling a Home in Monrovia, CA

Selling a Home in Monrovia, CA

You adore your home, but sometimes, life calls for a change of scenery. As you plan for the next chapter in your life, you must complete one vital task before moving on — selling your Monrovia home. Figuring out the right moves to make during a home sale can be tricky, but with the following guide, you’ll find the selling process much more straightforward than you’d think.

Read on to learn about the most common aspects of selling a home in Monrovia and how to prepare yourself for the important task ahead.

Prepare your home for sale

Work with the right real estate agent

Finding the right agent that fits your needs is a choice that should not be taken lightly. A knowledgeable, trustworthy, and passionate real estate agent can truly make a difference when it comes to the final sale price of your home. It can also alleviate a ton of stress during the selling process, as you have a seasoned expert at your side to guide you through negotiations and the escrow process.

Working with a listing agent is very common among sellers. Ideally, the perfect real estate agent should have both buying and selling experience in the Monrovia area. This ensures you are working with an individual who truly understands both sides of the real estate spectrum and can prepare you for any concerns buyers may have with your property.

Perform light market research ahead of time

Once you’ve chosen a real estate agent, they will send over a home valuation analysis so you can understand how to market and price your home effectively. Though a good agent will make this analysis comprehensive and thorough, it doesn’t hurt to perform your own research as well.

To get an idea of your home’s value, look up other properties on the market in your area and examine their listing and sold price. This will help you feel comfortable with the listing price your agent suggests.

Clean and declutter

Cleaning your home and removing any unnecessary items is the best way to prepare for your move and get your property ready to be staged and sold. After all, potential buyers will not be interested in a home that is full of clutter, and showings proceed much more successfully when your home has visibly been cleaned beforehand.

Rugs and carpets should be steam cleaned, and pay extra attention to appliances like the fridge and the stove, as they tend to collect residue and stains quite easily. Hiring a professional cleaning service will allow you to focus on packing and moving things out of the home while the more time-consuming work is taken care of. Ensure your team gives the bathrooms and kitchen extra love, as those areas tend to garner lots of foot traffic during showings.

Make upgrades and repairs as needed

A house does not have to be totally revamped to get sold, but making minor repairs and upgrades can serve you well in the long run. Cabinetry and flooring are two aspects of the home that you can redo without vastly chipping away at your profit.

However, if you’re hoping to sell somewhat further in the future (say, a year or two), remodeling the bathroom and kitchen typically yields the highest ROI out of any full-room renovation.

For expert advice, consult with your agent when considering any remodels that may increase your home’s value. They will have guidance on the features buyers are hoping for, so check in with them first before committing to any projects.

Stage the home

Staging the home is one of the more exciting and important parts of selling your home. Though staging isn’t necessary for listing your home, it can actually boost your home’s perceived value and attract interested buyers to your property.

Many sellers choose to stage their homes themselves, but many others opt for a professional staging service to guarantee a successful execution and outcome. Buyers must be able to envision themselves living in your home, and most buyers’ agents have said that staging has helped their clients establish a connection with the property as their future residence.

The steps to selling your home

List your home for sale

Now that all the preparation is behind you, your agent will begin listing your home on different platforms, such as a Multiple Listing Service (MLS), which connects agents and buyers to homes currently on the market. Establishing this digital connection is very important, as 90% of home buyers begin their search online. Effective digital marketing makes a huge difference in your final result.

Conduct open houses and showings

Open houses are the perfect opportunity to show off your gorgeous staging and the very best features and amenities of your home. It is also the best way for buyers to connect with the space personally. Although you can be present for open houses and showings, your agent will typically advise you to be absent. They will use their skills and expertise to connect you with eager, serious buyers.

Review offers and close the deal

As showings proceed, buyers will start submitting offers. You may feel anxious to accept the first offer you get, but your Monrovia real estate agent will always advise you to take some time to consider every offer and think things through. They will represent you during negotiations and help you stay aligned with your end goals. Make sure you choose the offer that works with your timeline.

A great way to spark an offer with few contingencies is to have a pre-listing inspection performed to prove to buyers that the property is a viable investment. Once you’ve landed the perfect offer, you can proceed with closing the deal, which can be finished in a matter of weeks.

Real estate expertise and real results, every time

There are dozens of Monrovia real estate agents who claim they can eventually land you a great buyer, but you deserve someone who can deliver during the transaction and beyond.

Teaming up with Joe Chiovare means you’ll have total access to an unparalleled network of buyers who will pay top dollar for your home. You’ll also enjoy the benefits of working with not only the best Realtor in Monrovia but a globally recognized Realtor who has consistently achieved highly profitable sales over the years. Connect with Joe today for more details on how to successfully sell your Monrovia home! Whether you're looking for homes for sale in Monrovia or aiming to sell your property swiftly and lucratively, Joe's expertise and expansive network ensure a seamless experience from listing to closing.

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